SPYY Supra - $32 shipped! --&-- Slithering Hippo Aa7 $70 shipped!



Yo! I got a SPYY Supra for you! Gold Dust edition. Bead blasted. Has some dings. Still dead smooth. The BEST undersize yoyo made. Similar to the mythical YYR Messiah, but better.

I will send more pics on request.


This is a new Slithering Hippo Aa7. Includes beefcake, custom-cut small bearings from Terrapin. This isn’t on YYE yet, but here’s a chance to get one now. This is from my personal stash, so there is only this one for sell at the moment. And $80 shipped is a great deal since it will retail at $110. Thanks.

Was listed at $45 shipped, but I’ll now take $40 shipped for it. Can’t beat that. Also decided to pre-release one Slithering Hippo Aa7. It’s brand new and awesome.

Bump. I will take $80 shipped for the Aa7 and $36 shipped for the Supra. Want these sold. Get at me.

Price drop. The Supra is just $32 shipped. That is a bargain. Also, a new Aa7 for $70 shipped is great, since they retail for $110. Get at me.