spring thaw (short video)

hi guys, since it was a nice day out side i decided to shoot a video : ) the yoyos are fhz and galactic goose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfeuTReOI0o

I dig it!
What song is this, ive been looking to ask someone the name of it forever!

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its called i wanna know its a mash up by mgmt and bob marly

loved the regen with the fhz

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0:08 - 0:27 is so fast! Just a guess by the color, but is that a galactic goose?

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yeah its a galactic goosee, and thanks tyler : )

Good as usual.

By the way, I’m gonna get a new camera in the next couple of weeks so we can go up to longwood and shoot a nice video

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Sweet do you know what kind your getting?

Kodak Zi-8