Spinworthy Six Shooter for sale

This was an experimental yoyo I made last week.
It’s 59g, but oddly, plays lighter than that.

The holes give it a certain float or hang time, and it’s not imagined, it’s real.

The holes don’t seem to really catch the string or mess up play as far as I can tell.

The only thing that I can tell that suffers from the holes is spin time. It’s not terrible, but significantly less than it would have been without the holes.

It’s an interesting experiment. One that I may explore and refine further.

White oak, $70 Shipped to the US.

Note: shipping to the US seems to be speeding up for most packages I’ve sent recently; about a month.


I think it would look cool if you drill just ~50% and then engrave the circles from the back of a bullet in these holes. And maybe also engrave a bit of the shape of the barrel in the round yoyo body itself. Just my 5 cents. Really enjoy your handmade stuff looks fantastic.


It’s a cool idea for sure!


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