Spinworthy Metal Harbinger for sale PLEASE CLOSE!

This is a metal Harbinger prototype Mark from MK1 Yoyos and I were thinking of producing. We have since decided to go in a different direction.

It’s a very decent modern responsive. It’s the largest metal one I’ve seen with the same dimensions of the original wooden Spinworthy Harbinger. It feels really powerful, yet not a bully due to its light weight.

Specs are: 58.5mm x 32.5mm x 48g. Its made of 7068 AL.

It uses the MR85 bearing like the RBC and the same pads.

The inside of the cup has a small groove machined for you to make your own cardboard or laminated paper caps to fit in if you want to.

This one is used, but still in excellent condition.

Very few were made and no more will ever be produced.

Asking $150 shipped to the US for this one.


Are you open to arguments for a production run?

If so, would it be enough to know the very title of this post had me salivating?

If it was the price of a production RBC it would be a no brainer.

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I just don’t want to produce it because, well, why? Its another modern responsive that looks like a lot of other modern responsives.

Thats not to say it isn’t good, it its. It just lacks that quirky innovative magic, ya know?


My wallet thanks you for not doing a production run. I can just pretend this proto doesn’t exist and be perfectly happy.


You gave us a slot for POGs, Glen. P O G s! It doesn’t have its own quirk because we can make CUSTOM QUIRKS.


Yeah, the custom pogs idea was something I wanted to add in to make it more interesting.

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I’m open to some movement on the price.

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Man that thing is beautiful. Shame it’s not getting a production, this world needs more mr85 responsives.


Can I suggest a tiny rebrand?

The wooden blood cell became the Red Blood Cell…

Maybe ideas that you try and decide to shed become Skin Cells.

Thanks I’ll be here all week :innocent:


Can you make a wood bearing blank for this?


Maybe. It would be difficult to get the precision right.

There are other MR85 ideas in the works. Better ideas.


Do they still have POGs?!

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No, but other super, super cool features.


Someone plz buy this before i pm glen


No longer for sale. Closing the thread.