Spin Dynamics Team Video-"Initiation"


Spin Dynamics presents : “Initiation.” Our first team video was shot in beautiful downtown Northampton. Check out Ethan Bein, Douglas Kapinos, Shane O’Donnell, and Nick Gumlaw showing off their moves using Spin Dynamics’ latest products. Enjoy!

(Waylon) #2

That was fun to watch :slight_smile:


Thanks Waylon, it was fun to make as well :slight_smile:


I competed against Doug. He is really good!


I competed against him also… And beat him. ^^

It was awesome! He’s a cool guy!


I got 4th and he got 3rd in that division. Shadowz and Avenger got 2nd + 1st. He is good.


Woah… I beat a sponsored player. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does he have an account here?