Spencer Berry Interview about his yoyo "Walter"


a couple of days ago, I’d conducted an interview with Spencer about his project “Walter”. It has finally been edited and uploaded for you to enjoy. So if you want to know what Walter is all about and even get a hint of Spencer’s upcoming projects, watch this video:


Great interview. Really lets spencer talk about Walter

That was great! Very well made.

I enjoyed that a lot, I’ve always wondered about Spencer Berry because the only time I see him is in videos from, well, like he said, a decade ago. Or back when I went to contests more I saw him over with the Duncan guys. Seems like a really nice and happy dude from this video :slight_smile: Glad someone is doing video interviews :smiley:

Always wondered where the name Walter came from. Funny… But anyway, really nice interview. Covered all the key points. Spencer seems like a really cool guy. :slight_smile:

yes, the interview was really cool. We talked for 1.5 hours and half of it was the interview. Eventually, I want to publish the uncut version but I still need some time to edit it into a consumable format. :slight_smile: