Soviet Russia jokes!

here’s one from King of The Hill

In America you put “In God We Trust” on tha money. in Russia… we haves no money!

In Soviet Russia, the yo-yo throws you!

In Soviet Russia, cheese cuts you!

In soviet Russia, the thread post you.

In Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia jokes still aren’t funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

In Soviet Russia Vladimir Putin can run for president when ever he wants…

Ees funny beecause ees troo!

In soviet Russia… Vodka…

As my History teacher would say “We must have better Vodka… SACRIFICE THE CHILDREN!”

No sriously, he makes these russia jokes almost every class xD

we were talknig about how in the ancient world (2k-1k BCE) They would sacrifice babies, hoping for better crops. one of the girls in class is Russian (well so am I but no one knows :P) and he loves joking round with her xD

in soviet russia you pwn chuck norris.

In Soviet Russia, the ground falls on you.

In soviet Russia, hat wears you!

In soviet world, Americans want into Mexico!

In soviet Russia, bronies hate you!

In soviet Russia, clouds watch you!

In soviet Russia, mice are scared of elephants.

In soviet Russia, vodka controls you!

we will still love and tolerate you.

I was in the mood XD I just had to say that

In soviet Russia, water gets humaned.

in soviet russia, you are funny

In soviet Russia, you are not an annoying forum troll

incorrect, in soviet russia I AM an annoying forum troll

roses are red
violets are blue
in Soviet Russia, poem writes you!

In Soviet Russia, rubiks cube solves you!