sOMEThING Crazy-Nama and YoyoFactory Mighty Flea for trade!

I have two yoyos up for trade.

The first yoyo is a sOMEThING Crazy-Nama (Genghis Khan). This is 1 of 100, so it is pretty limited. It is in fairly good condition. It has a few minor scratches/scuffs, but the side caps are in good condition.


soldThe second yoyo is a YoyoFactory Mighty Flea. It is in ultra mint condition. No scratches or scuffs. It has been thrown less than 50 times. It also comes with 25 extra Mighty Flea strings (orange).


I will be willing to trade for almost anything. Let me know what you have. Though I would preferably like to trade for any CLYW yoyo (at least decent condition).

Personal message for more pics or questions.

Thanks for looking,