Some new stuff  New tricks I’m working on

You should’ve waited until you finished this video to release it. I think the trick would be cool… but you ruined the surprise … sadface…

What are you saying?

I was trying to find a less harsh way of saying “please don’t post half finished tricks or ideas, please wait until you are finished and happy with your trick”

What? It was finished, just some tricks.

Oh, sorry, my bad. It just didn’t seem as smooth as other vids you’ve posted.


Oh, that’s what you meant. I was just kind of tired and my hands were sweaty. I’m just trying to change my style a bit.

smooth it out until you are super happy with it. PM a link to the vid if you do. cause I think its a great concept.

lol was that the trick that you kept doing at worlds? i like it. great vid!