Some deals

I ship from Spain. If somehow you are there, shipping is 5.5$. If you are on other countries, it can be from 10$ to 15$. Pricing includes insurance, tracking ID and PayPal g&s fees(payment is only via Paypal). If you take all of them, 15$ discount, if you take 2, 7.5$ discount. I’m also open to trades(I like competition oriented yoyos and bimetals). Feel free to ask any questions or make me offers:)

Recess Komodo: NMTBS with box( 9.8 smooth to be safe).It is mint, but has an ultra small mark under the ano(from the factory) that I can’t capture on screen. I’d say it is 9.8 smooth, if not dead smooth, just to be safe. Comes with a 10 ball hybrid bearing. 40$

-Yoyofficer Yacare: Near mint(8/10 smooth). It has small marks on the body(from being carried I guess).Nothing you will notice or will affect playability. As for smoothness, it has noticiable fingernail vibe that you’ll slightly notice during grinds. In the string you’ll notice the vibe if you pay attention, but nothing that bothers me. Just replaced the response with pink sochi pads(really good pads imo) 25$.

-Iyoyo Iceberg: Near mint (8.5/10 smoothness). Small scratches over the rim from being picked up. No dings. As for smoothness, it has noticiable vibe on the fingernail and a bit on fingergrinds. Surprisingly, it is really smooth on the string(just a very slight vibe in the end, you shouldn’t feel it at all while playing it). 45$


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