Ok, well I recently acquired 2 Zeekio Birds, again, they haven’t been released yet, more info coming very soon.

But, they’re about the same dimensions as an Aquarius. I used the search button and couldn’t find anything, so here we go.

I want to start Soloham, but can’t find any good video tuts really. Could somebody link me to some good ones? Or make them?

While your at it, link some beginner Diablo stuff too.

Thanks guys,

even though its not a video. Its still helps:
you should post a picture of the zeekio birds, I’m kinda curious now

Nope! A review coming soon with pictures included!

Here 'ya go! Enjoy!

And here’s a FS.

There’s a lot more video’s on
Just search soloham yoyo.

Hope this helped!