Im Will trade a YYJ Dark Magic and a Legacy with anyone who has $.

[s]Dark Magic($30):

White string
Blue sparkle(color)
missing a cap
white (color)
Still in the box
Never opened.

ill trade my k-padded speed dial for that legacy of yours.

sorry but im looking for a SEVERE or a 888x

how much for the legacy alone?

im not sure about this but… what would you give for a b-grade 888

It depends, Send me a pic and also how much was it originally?

wait… you like legos or rc helicopters???

I Use to, but im not into those anymore

You never responded to me PM…

oh crap! i did not see ur PM until now. im so sorry

why bump for whoever wants the DM?
is something wrong with it other than the missing cap??

is the Dark Magic still for sale??

Yup it is