SOLD 👾 Turning Point Tarasqus (Mini Leviathan)

TL ; DR : Looking for Mini Monster or any metal unrespsonsive preferably mini/undersize. Also would like a shutter.

Added price incase you are interested in buying. Includes Free Shipping.

Here are some of the yoyos im intrested in trading for in no particular order. If you have one of these and think it may be worth more than the TP Tarasqus I may be willing to add some cash with the trade. Also if anyone is interested in just buying this send me a DM.

  • Kun Stainless Steel
  • Mini Monster ( this is like the aoda little)
  • OD Dingo
  • YYF heist
  • any of the 66%
  • YYF G.5
  • Zeekio Vali 2
  • executive
  • MicroMo
  • YYF Big Deal
  • Rebellion Lilliputian
  • YoYo Monster 3 Points
  • Saint Eel

Send me DM if you have another mini/undersized you are intrested in trading or really any size unrespsonsive. :joy: My list is getting to long.

Tarasqus has 1 small nick on the side shown in picture.

Turning Point - Tarasqus (mini Leviathan) Details
Weight 60.6 grams
Color Ocean Green
Dimensions Diameter: 40mm Width: 31.63mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size A

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Where does this word come from originally? What does it mean/refer to?

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:joy: Im not sure about that. According to another sites description its an undersized full metal yo-yo based on the Leviathan. Its a mini Leviathan.

I know what the Tarasque is, but not a Tarasqus. Is that maybe just a misspelling of the French monster?

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Haha Maybe. Also maybe they just made it up. When you google it the only thing that comes up is the yoyo in the top lists. Although lower down I do see some stuff for mythology but they fix the spelling to tarasque. :joy:

Also it is designed in japan so maybe a translation error. :man_shrugging:

Bump(5) Updated: Looking to trade for shutter.

i could trade in a heartbeat but my Shutter is very beat up

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Bump added Price. Would prefer a trade like the mini monster if anyone else has one. I missed the one that sold yesterday on bst. :disappointed:

SOLD :grinning: @vegabomb can you please close.