*** SOLD SOLD SOLD *** Mint WM2 Northern Lights $110 Shipped

* SOLD! *

This is atleast $20-30 less than I usually would let it go for.

Need cash to pay phone bill or else it shuts off and costs me $20 late fee plus $35 Reactivation fee, so $55 on stupid fees…

I will send the WM2 tmrw w tracking, it’s already boxed ready to ship.

Also no WM2 box sorry!

So you will have to PayPal me $110 with no holds so I can access it right away…if you are having PayPal take its cut with a fee then please pay $115 to cover that.

Mint and extremely smooth USA only

$110 sent to my PayPal now with no holds ($115 if you choose the PayPal fees) is what it’s gonna take for you to get an amazing deal on this.

Also would like buyer to post when they get tracking aswell as when the yoyo arrives to prove I am 100% legit about this deal.


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3 photos total let me knownyou got all 3

I’m still waiting for the E1NS that you were supposed to send me…:thinking:


This is the reason why most haven’t pulled the trigger…

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i know i am “the a$$hole big bully of the bst with my big bible” and all… just fyi, he said he already sold it on the fb :man_shrugging:t3:


I guess I’m probably being overly sensitive here…but this whole thing raises a lot of red flags to me.


Well if it’s sold, it’s sold. I’ll change the title for him.


Glad to see this sold!

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