(sold please close)

For Sale - I have two left of the rarest of all G2s, the G2 x Smashing collaboration called Donation.
54mm diameter, 42mm width, 63.2g, this likely the best-playing G2 mono-metal. About 30 units were made in total, I have one left in unicorn-splash and one in “coral reef”. Condition is Brand New.
Asking : 135$ + ship.

For feedback, take a look at this thread. Thanks!


which one is available right one or left one? Got anything else available?


The blue-ish on the left just sold 5 minutes ago, the “coral reef” one on the right is still available.

And of course I have other awesome stuff available. Depends what you’re looking for !
For example, G2 Mongoose or G2 Life.
Or a brand new TiSS Hummingbird (2nd photo), probably the best yoyo I’ve seen and used
Or a RSO titanium Starship, super nice one as well.


Unicorn colored Donation is sold, the “coral reef” one is still available


Both are gone, thanks !

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