SOLD! Please close

Selling 2 yo-yos today, I’ve also got an MMC Magnum opus in the cobalt blue that I haven’t had time to take pictures for but will put up for sale later if you’re interested. That will be $150 shipped.

A-RT Grail - Avocado toothpaste This is mint in box, it’s never been take apart and there are no marks of any kind. Comes with all the original goodies you see in the pics. I think its only been used for about 5min which is why I’m selling it haha.

$150 shipped SOLD!

Ti Vayder #176 Mint in box, it’s never been taken apart and there are no marks. Comes with all the goodies but the green string has been used by me. I really like this one too but like the Grail I just don’t play with it.

$150 shippedSOLD!

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