Sold! Please close

I need to replace my Raytracer! Prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal fees. I am always open to offers if you think my prices aren’t reasonable.

Pragma: $50 MIB
Shutter WA (silver w/ black rims): $45 MIB

Bundle Price: $75 Shipped


Not a fan of the Ti Vayder?

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If I’m being honest, not at all. It’s way too small for my taste; it’s performance only made marginally better with the weight distribution of the titanium. There’s no point in owning a titanium if I’m never gonna play it.

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Ti-Vayder bundle sold. Posts new throws to help get funds for a new Raytracer!

Interested in a trade for the SWA?

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Yeah I haven’t been reaching for it too much either.

But sparks

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I never got to spark it :disappointed_relieved:


dropping to $75 for the forum!

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