LF: Ti Vayder

I would really like to find a Ti Vayder. I heard a lot of great things about it.
It would be my first Titanium, if someone can help me find one at a good price.


What in your estimation, is a good price?

Do you have one yoyodoc

If you have one, contact me please.
I’m sure we can work out a price that is “good” for both of us :smile:


I have several TiVaders… Not looking to sell. I just thought you might get a better response if people had a more accurate idea of what you want to pay?

Maybe I’m wrong…. But I have been at this for awhile😉

Good luck.


“Several”… :open_mouth:
I must admit I’m very jealous. If you ever decide that you can part from one of those (in any conditions, scratched, sparked…) please let me know.


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Bump! Help me get my first Ti! :smiley:


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I have many Raws new in box but looking for top dollar because I love them!!


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