SOLD-Please Close β€” FS: Aqua Bi-metal Shutter


Fresh throws for sale. Prefer PayPal. Buyer pays $5 shipping + PayPal fees.

  • Zeekio Z1 Titanium Yoyo - SOLD
    Retails for $200. My loss is your gain. Mint W/Box. Thrown less than 5 times. Organic shape.

  • YYF Bi Metal Shutter in Aqua with Silver rim colorway. -$70
    Retails for $119.00. I purchased from someone who claimed to have barely used it. I also threw less than 10 times. When feeling the yoyo it is smooth to the touch. I only see a white dot on one of the hubs. One of the rims has a mark you can not feel. I tried to get on camera but because of the shine on the rims I was not able to capture it. Still smooth as butter :butter:.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Knomad raps.
Link to album:


:thinking: I’m struggling with the Z1 pricing strategy here…

The Z1 is still in stock and retails for $199 (before discount codes).
You’re asking $197.76 (($185 + $7) * 1.03) which, for a savvy shopper, would actually be higher than retail.


Thanks for doing the math. Price updated.


BUMP this to the top/ stop, pop, flop, not/
He who keep it organic like A Return Top/
When he rap he grab his Charles Haycock/
And Kimmit (commit) to throwing down more rhymes then throws by tiktok DocPop/
-IG: @ Knomadraps


Sweet Rhymes!


Many thanks!

She got a BUMP so pump this sound electric show/
Raps come and go/
But trust KNOMAD come back like a responsive throw/ easy, tricks on a mic on a string like a yo-yo/
One Drop of tree and the breeze he Free Solo/

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Zeekio Sold. SHUTTER still available.

Bump please.

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