SOLD Lot of Yoyo’s for sale. 13 mint condition and Free Case! ALL SOLD

Selling everything, all 13 yo-yos in photo for $200. Free Hard Carrying Case and Free Shipping.
All in Like New Mint condition. PM with any offers or questions. - Scott
(1) YoyoFactory Shutter
(2) C3yoyodesign Re:Master Galaxy
(2) King Yo Star Pun
(2) YoyoOfficer Kilter 3
(1) Yoyo Zeekio Vapor
(1) Yoyo Zeekio Zenith
(2) YYF Protostar
(1) YYF Counter Attack
(1) YYF North Star Fingerspin

Now 11 throws for 175 or obo.

now 12 for 180 obo

NOW 13 yoyos for $200 obo
added a New Pink YoyoFactory Shutter

ALL SOLD… thanks for all the interest… probably do another LOT plus case sometime before year’s end…