Collection Sale - Wide Variety of Mint Throws

Edit 01/15 Reduced Prices.

So here’s the deal. In the last ~3 months I have amassed a substantial collection of 70+ yoyos. Long story short, some expenses have come up after multiple complications following a kidney transplant, and now I need to get as much money as I can back out of my hobby.

All of these yoyos were bought new in the last 3 months. Most have been played a handful of times at most. None of them have been dropped, dinged, or damaged in any way. I’ve only played in my carpeted home, and have not had any impacts on anything harder than shag carpet. I’ve done my best to inspect each of them to confirm, and have not found any imperfections. They’re all marked as either mint, mint with box, or mint in box (never opened).

All prices listed include shipping to CONUS. I’ll send invoices through my PayPal business account for purchase and payment. I’m open to international shipping, but buyer pays shipping if the cost is over the typical CONUS shipping price.

Any questions/comments please feel free to post here or message. I’ve tried to include at least one picture of each, but cell phone pics can be pretty bad sometimes, so if you want more pictures, different angles, more information, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have really enjoyed my collection, and wouldn’t part with it if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Hopefully whoever buys them will get a lot of value out of them.

Also note this is about half of my collection, I’ll add the rest time permitting. These are most of the high quality/high desirable I have, a lot of the remaining ones are lower end plastics/monos in the 20-30 dollar range.

Quick Reference List (Full Spreadsheet and Images link below):
YYF Wide Angle Shutter - Galaxy $50
YYF Shutter Galaxy - $40
YYF Shutter Pivot - $50
YYF BiMetal Aqua - $50
YoTricks Atlas Black - $50
YYF Edge Infinity Silver/Black Fade - $130
YYF Steel Shutter - $90
YYF Horizon Pivot Prototype 2.0 Purple Silver Aqua Splash - $25
YoTricks Summer Solstice Red/Orange Fade - $30
YoTricks Winter Solstice Blue/Aqua Fade - $30
Mk1 Converge Blue/Light Blue Fade - $120
UNPRLD ReCognition Blue (Aoi Ogura Edition) - $35
iYoYo iCEBERG Black/Gold - $55
TSWF Beanie Green - $45
YYF Meerkat Black/Silver - $45
iYoYo Pyro X Half Orange/Half Red - $50
iYoYo Steel Red - $90
C3 IX Black/Purple - $125
Atmos Cloudberry Candy Apple Red - $80
iYoYo Pyro 66% Red/Gold - $110
C3 Cybercrash Dark Blue - $20
Rain City Ducc 2.0 Rubby Duccy - $45
Amplified Ad-Lib Blue - $55
iYoYo BARBARiAN UnKnown Edition - $45
CLYW Boy Wine Red - $90
YoYoFriends Dove Green - $20
YoYoRecreation TM Silver (Takimoto) - $60
YoYoRecreation Helvetica Wine Red - $60

PDX-YO 7068 Batsquatch Fire Yellow SOLD
Recess Snack Starry Night SOLD

Spreadsheet and Images: BST Offerings - Google Drive


@PanickedHero batsquatch


Do you still have the snack?

Yup, still available. :slight_smile:

Unable to edit the initial post anymore. The list is still accurate, but the Cloudberry has sold. Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this.