[Sold] FS: Acadia, Converge


Selling these two throws (w/ free shipping to the U.S. & Canada.)

  1. Mk1 x OPYOYOs Converge. B-grade. 8/10 smooth. With a KK bearing (not NSK). Response pad replaced. Near mint. No box. $70

  2. Luftverk Acadia. 9/10 smooth. With a KK bearing. Near mint in original box. $260

Something to be aware: Both of them have a SUPER tight bearing seat, so painting around that area has peeled off quite a bit. I don’t want to open them up again but you can get a sense from Acadia Monometal - Yo-Yo Store REWIND

I’ll add some MarkMont strings as a gift. Also a free yoyo will be attached as a gift. Please don’t expect something fancy, but the more you spend the better it gets.