Sold close please

Fender Blue 20/20 mib 85.00

Blue 20/20 mib 40.00

Gray 20/20 nib 45.00

Prices include f and f and shipping will do a deal on multiple throws


Sssalotta fat tires!! Hope everything is ok.



One Fender blue sold clear gone


Will do a deal on multiple

Bump buy 2 get 1 free

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Ready to ship

Will do deals on multiple

Ready to ship price drops

Still a couple left

Price drops on all to move

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Three left


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I dont understand. You have three listed and then you posted you sold the fender blue and the clear was gone so what is it that you have?

there were originally two fender blues.

Your last post said you still had 3 left thats why i am asking, i didnt know if you added more or what happened so i ask?

I’m not the original poster, I was just answering your question. He had more than three listed, and one of the fender blue fat tires sold. Now there are three left.

Sorry, i didnt look at who was responding and i assumed it was the op. Whoops!

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