Gone, thanks so much!

Nice pariah. 3 scratches nothing serious. Trades?

Yoyos I’m hyper interested in gathering:

•Grey bip bop AC1. (like I will add another dope Angelo fade to this trade)
•crucial heavy cream
•crucial cream
•nickel/silver plated one drops.
•grey bliss/black rims
•FD rooster in red.
•I like grey yoyos. Offer me something grey and dope.


Bump. Cop this for $90 today

Seriously no one wants this thing?

I thought this would have been gone in an hour

I did too man. They were in high demand. I guess not so much anymore


Probably because ppl want more mint throws.

The damage looks worse in the pictures. It’s fairly faint but yeah I guess that could lead some potential buyers away. :man_shrugging:t4:

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I blown away it hasn’t been snagged

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I give up

Someone buy this beauty!!!



Bump it up

PM sent

Bump with trade interests. If you don’t have anything on this list, feel free to offer something similar, I’m open ears!

This is officially gone.