Sold. Close please!

$125 for everything listed.

Shipping is roughly 5-15$ in the US.

H.O.T: Damage free
Diffusion: Some light scuffs
Rush: Damage free
Iceberg: some light scratches on the rims
Velocity: One light scuff
Wedge: Damage free
Sk8r: Damage free
Core: Damage free
Silenus: Has one pinprick from the factory
Supernova: very minor pinpricks
Big Dipper: minor scratches
Dove: one scuff
Chaotic: scuffed all the way around

Thanks for looking!


Bump #15 :slightly_smiling_face:

Sengoku Ashigaru, 1x Dove, Dienasty, and First Base sold.

$125 for the remaining 13. Just looking to get these a new home.

Sold. Please close.