SnakeSkinStrings BRAND New colors! NEON colors now available!

After hearing all your suggestions for some different neon color combos we decided to start selling some! We have four brand new colors available. pictures below. Check out our Ebay store for more details and pictures.

P.S. We are considering having up to ten people try our strings for free and write reviews. Comment below and keep and eye out for post regarding testing strings.



I’ll test some, if you want.

Just a heads up, those strings look loose and quite under-tightened. A tighter wound string would probably last longer but it’s your preference.

thanks for the heads up those strings were made just to show the new colors. The actual strings we ship out are wound tighter.


I wouldn’t mention a link to buy things at other stores. It’s against the rules.

He only sells his product that is not available here. It is for taking orders. It is no way a threat to yye

Not a threat, it’s against the rules to mention links to buy things at other stores or places. Not my business just stating it.

The rules obviously state other yoyo stores. And they also say you can post links to you rebay auctions. SO this doesn’t go against anything, it even SAYS you can post ebay auctions to your sales. :frowning:

EDIT: I added a bit in case anybody thought I was agreeing with maddog

Hey man, I think the link is fine. It’s like on the BST when people post their ebay auction link. Or how some makers say go over to facebook and shoot me a message if you want to buy some strings. No big deal

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