Skyy Chaser and others for sell trade


All prices include shipping so the more you buy the more you save.

First up Is a Lrg bearing orange Sky Chaser. Has a flat spot and a ding. $80 GONE

2A yoyos:

Speed Beetle Trans green with with three sets of trans yellow caps and two extra cap screws. (Found another set of caps after taking the pic)


MIB Power Brain XP in trans blue $6

MIB Fireball trans purple $6

Stealth Fireball trans red $6

Hyper Warp Wing White $8


Four Duncan (Size A) bearing cleaned and deshielded $2 each or all for $6

Two Hspin (Size D) bearings cleaned and deshielded $2 each or both for $3

Seven Various 4mm Axles like used in YYF and many other yoyos $2 each or all for $10

Lots of duncan bearing spacers shims and o-rings and a Profire transaxle setup and some other ramdom axles $6

Will sell all Parts for $30 With a little tin to keep it all in

What I’m looking for:

Money, Have paypal

08 888 Lrg bearing any color any cond. b-grade fine as well


Wolly Marmont maybe

Doc Pop Bolts

Size C Ceramic KK

Size C Taka Gold bearings

The 5 yyj lrg bearings, top tips, and the z-stacks are sold.

Skyy chaser is gone.