Silverman vs YoyoingMonkey


heres Silverman


Thanks, You might Have noticed a lot od ppl want to battle me. I dont knoe why  :stuck_out_tongue:


silver man 1000%




wow i am already up to seven!!!


good job Silverman :slight_smile: :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:

(202andrew) #7


(yoyo jake) #8

silver man how old r u no offence but ur iddy bitty

i want to be iddy bitty be cause im kinda fat


im voting silverman cause yoyoingmonkey keeps using the same vid over and over


Yah :stuck_out_tongue: well It’s my favorite so far and these element men wanted to have a video battle. Ill probably put a new one up soon :wink:

(202andrew) #11

that’s not a reason to vote for somebody. Guys, just because somebody uses the same video over again doesn’t mean you vote against him.


thanks ;D


SILVERMAN… I feel that i need to get better at yoyoing because of you…That was awesome

(BB) #14

when dose it end


This may suprise your SilverMan but I think your actually better than your older brother lol.
You have my vote!



whos his older brother??? and if you mean me thats because i just got my cast of and my arm is still healing


Well, both your videos were filmed in the same house so, I just asumed. Sorry if I’m wrong.
Hope your arm gets better soon, and when it does, I want to battle you!


me?!?! im a gonner

(202andrew) #19

I want to see silverman vs. MEtal Man!!


i already asked but he said i would wi and he needs to make his own vids wich he isnt allowed to :’(