Show Our Styles of Play?

Hey Forum!
Have you ever saw somebody on this Forum, and wanted to know what Styles of Play they do?
Well, I think it would be Cool Idea, if one the side of the page, where it says, “Favorite Yoyo:” and “Favorite Tricks:”? Well, There should be one of those that says, “Styles of Play:” That way, we know who does what Styles. I just think it would be a Neat Idea. Who’s with me? :wink:
-Cody Wright

I AM i do 1a 4a and 5a

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Yay! I do 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and 5a. :smiley:

what yoyos do you use for 3a

Are we talking styles or divisions of play?
There is a difference

Yes, we are talking about Divisions of Play.
And, I am Currently using a Yuuksta and Severe for 3a.

Ido 1a,4a,and5a

dont revive a thread thats been dead for a month let it die slowly

this thread really doesn’t have an end.

You can just add this info to your “favorite trick” or put it in your signature.


I think this would be a cool idea. we could have little logos for each one, including mobieus and Jensen’s long 1a thing.

It’s called Tourniquet. Just fyi.