Show off... Whatever just came in the mail!

Is there something that just came in the mail that you’re very excited about and want to tell everybody about it? Well post it here! Post whatever you just got in the mail. Your new yoyo or even anything yoyo related that you want to show off.

Here’s what I just got in the past two days.

A pair of Sunset Trajectory NXG’s
YYJ Chaser, Hot Lava CLYW Gnarwhal

Hold on I’ll go take a pic of bills. :’(

How do you like the chaser?

I’m liking it a lot. At first out of the box I didn’t care for it too much but as I’ve been playing it, I’ve been liking it more and more. It’s also pretty fast playing for how heavy it is.

I got a surprise :slight_smile: but no posting pics from my phone :frowning:


got my spike leather holder