Show Me Your Mods!

Well, show me what mods you have done! I just started (I only have a drill :-\ ) and I have recessed two Hayabusas and FH2 (2010) and satined an Undeniable Genesis at first with 200 and 300 grit but now I mirror polished it with 600 and 800 grit sandpaper then used No Dull polish. The FH2 when I recessed it, I accidentally smashed the outside part of the bearing seat then I fixed it by shaving it down and it still doesn’t have vibe! So I was pretty happy with that. Anyone have ideas on what other mods I should do to my friends Hayabusa/ My other Hayabusa? Anyways, show me what mods you have done! I will post pictures when I can!

What are mods?

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:o ???

I think someone hacked icthus! or he is joking. I cleaned my bearing. yeah. thats a mod

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the search feature is a nice trick. or go look at peoples mods if your really interested

cleaning a bearing is considered tuning.


it was a feeble attempt at sarcasm…