Should I get an iyoyo steel prototype?

Yup. Title explains it. All help is much appreciated!

if you can get it…

Why do you have to get the protoype while you can get this kind of iyoyo steel

The steel proto is what’s currently available on yye

For what it’s worth, I really like it! I try not to buy yo-yos too often, but the iYoYo Steel made it into my collection. If you like the specs I say go for it!

are these coming out later?

It’s not the proto anymore, but the production run with engravings according to iyoyo, YYE just haven’t updated their listing.

The new colors are dropping next week! so if you want a different color just wait a few days.


Will they be released on YoYoExpert?

probably not at first, but the shipping from germany dave does is really cheap :smiley:

Where will the be released?

JHB edit:
Germany, of course

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Shop reference rules

How’s it compared to a Space Cowboy?

Ahhh my bad :stuck_out_tongue: wasnt thinking sorry