Short video or long video?


Ah…I love these friendly debates between my brother and I. ;D But, I can’t seem to make him see my side… :-\


You forgot the “I don’t care how long” option


For me, its more about content than length (ooh, matron). A 5 minute video with different cutscenes, angles, styles of throwing etc is much more watchable to me than a minute of generic moves filmed on a webcam.

Look at any “event” video. They’re normally pretty long (5 or 6 minutes plus), but since they showcase so many different players, styles, views, scenes of the event etc, the time normally passes really quickly and makes for an enjoyable watch.

That being said I’m usually a fan of shorter videos. Anything over 2 minutes is usually pushing the limits of my attention span unless it’s got some killer stuff in it or some quality filmography. I’ll watch anything made by Backspin regardless of how long it is, because the camera work is just THAT good.


you forgot the “you don’t have to vote, no one’s forcing you to” option :stuck_out_tongue:


So, “player showcase”-type video… more than 1 minute, less than 3 for me. There’s not that option either. :wink:

Agreed that “event recap” videos can easily be 5 minutes and still entertaining!

Tutorials: under 3 minutes, please. 10-minute tutorials are a sign that the teacher is “doing it wrong”. Miggy’s tutorials are just right for what I enjoy in a tutorial.

So the answer, as you might expect, is… “it depends!”


No actually, not at all. The average video you like is the best answer for you. So if you like in between 1 and 3 minutes ( 2 minutes), you round up and you got 3. So you vote for 3 minutes :slight_smile: ok?


For the purpose of this poll, sure. I can do that. Haha!

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That doesn’t really make sense. It actually does depend. If the question was “what is the average length of the videos you like to watch” then sure, but it isn’t. I don’t have a preference toward any length of video. As Gambit said, it’s more about content then length. 3-minute masterpieces are great, but I love watching short, fun/amazing videos multiple times in a row. 18-minute videos are great too ;D.


:frowning: ya’ll are driving me up the wall! just…just…[sigh]


Wow… someone literally just said the least intelligent thing of the century. (It’s okay to say that cuz he’s my brother.)


I’d usually just watch 2-3 min videos (with about 4-5 mins tops or else i’d just watch it in divided parts).
But if the video looks REALLY GOOD like Backspin (PatBorg’s new vid FTW!!! ) or C3yoyodesign (P.Wave vids, etc.) I don’t really care how long but for the sake of voting then 3 mins.


Usually short videos but there are some videos that are just amazing and they are over 3 minutes so it just depends. Just don’t keep it boring if its 3 minutes or longer.

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The average video I like are contest videos which is roughly 3 minutes :confused:
Seriously though, it’s all depends on the content. Something like “Asia Pacific 2014” video will HAVE to be long or it would be weird. In the other hand, some videos are better short, for example Jensen Kimmitt’s “Ghost”, because it was the last video before he disappeared few years ago if it was long that will kill the point of “disappearing”.
In other word, it really depends on the purpose, period.


You only have my attention span for about 2 minutes before I start getting bored. I like it when people keep things short. Except for good videos. Make those long please.