Short non-yoyo video I made

(Tyler) #1

Made this with some footage from a while back I took of my buddy skating. I was also on a skateboard for the first time in probably ten years, so it’s a little shaky at times lol. Hope it’s okay to post here


I dig it. It’s just got that unpretentious, honest, “hanging out” vibe. Makes me miss hanging out with the guys I used to ride bikes with

(Tyler) #3

Thank you man! I’m glad you liked it! That’s kinda what I was going for - nothing super serious, just wanting to practice shooting photo and video, and just hanging out with an old friend.
This was actually the first time we’d hung out in several years as life just took us in different directions. It’s crazy how fast you fall into that old routine of friendship though even after so much time has passed.

(Chris Francz) #4

Nice. I had a cheap board in the late 80’s but never got adventurous.