Shinwoo Zen 4 Response

I’m not to fond of the response pads in my Zen 4 and was wondering if any other pads will fit? I don’t want to silicone it.

Looked everywhere, cant find out. Try measuring the response area and look at IR PADs or anyone els that sells the pads you favor.

Silicone is the best, your missing out. :’(

I wear out response pads in a few weeks so I prefer not to silicone so much ^^^

Well, if you get Gasket Masler or adhesive RTV it will last FOREVER!!!

Not kidding! Shinwoo might have crappy pads that wear down in a week, but Adhesive Gasket masker last waaaaaay longer, but Flowable silicone only last a week if you throw a lot.

actually I’ve worn through a pair of brand new hat pads In a week I just throw a lot :slight_smile:

Well, go ahead and get a MM measuring tape or something and measure it so we can find pads that fit :).

Does it have P-PADS in it? Any 19mm pad should work. I prefer Flow Groove for that pad size.

Finally the question I’ve been looking for. They are 19mm

That narrows it down a lot, go find some 19mm pads you like.

Just go to the store page and look at the specs if you want the correct pad size.

Blue RTV flowable silicone is easy to apply and lasts about 4…ever. You can get it at any auto parts store. That is what is in my Shinwoo Zen 2 and I agree that their starburst pads are kinda crappy.

He mentioned that he can wear through them in a week, I completely disagree.

Also, it has to be smoothed out and a good job to last long. If it is jagged the string with catch and rip the whole thing out.

I know how to put in response in?

What??? Do you mean I know how to put the response in?