SF, YYF, other kinda rare yoyos

Hey everyone,

Again some yoyos for sale. Add 5€ for international shipping, I’m located in Germany.

PayPal is highly preferred.

Don’t hesitate to pm me with any questions!


Blue/black bliss: vibe, 50€

SF L: 30€

Edge: mint, 60€

Slusny Ed Statement, cadence and bliss: mint, would like to sell as a lot, offer up!

Edge: mint, 60€

2016 b anshee: tiny flat spot, otherwise like new, 70€

Pendulum: mint, 60€

Stealth: mint, 40€

Maxbet: one small ding, smooth: 60€

Marco bgrade: 25€

Gargantua: 30€

First base: 15€

Mighty flea: comes with strings, 50€


Please write prices in USD.

Those are slighty higher on USD, not a big difference. 1€= 1.1$

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All prices on the BST should be in US dollars.


Right:)But yeah, usually a dollar is almost the same as an euro

That is up to @vegabomb and @jhb8426 … my personal opinion is it is your stuff for sale you get to set the price in whatever currency you prefer.


Here ya go…


PayPal will figure it out for you

Yes, but the given converter links will tell the casual browser BEFORE he/she decides to commit.

I always thought it was a forum rule to write prices in USD. If not, then yeah, euros it is.

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