Sengoku: News Thread (SHINGEN available now on Yoyoexpert!)

Hello All,

Welcome to the official Sengoku Thread!

In consultation with Julio, the Sengoku team decided to create this channel to talk about all things Sengoku, be it old product photos, BST finds, and of course, to give you the latest updates on projects coming from the minds in Aichi, Japan.

Naturally, this is one way to post up juicy photos of products coming to YoYoExpert, but at least as important, we wanted to make this thread to hear from you! Feel free to let us know what you think to any updates, and what you think of any products (new and old!) you might have nabbed, and any suggestions you might have for future designs.

Now, to kick this off, we wanted to wait until we had something special to announce. So here it is:

Presenting, the SHINGEN! (specs below)

This is the first yoyo made out of 7175 alloy, a mixture of magnesium, zinc, copper and aluminum.

The yoyo industry standard is 6061 aluminum. A less common, and more premium option 7075, which has superior strength to weight, can be machined thinner, and is even a little harder to ding.

The 7175 alloy is a step above this.

Its strength and rigidity are both superior, once again allowing for more extreme weight distributions.

The Shingen makes full use of these properties to maximize rim weight. Add an extra large stainless steel set of rims, and you’ve got some serious angular momentum!


-Weight: 65.2g
-Diameter: 55.05 mm
-45.15 mm

Thanks for reading, and welcome!



This looks awesome

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This looks so good!!!

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We’ve decided to include an upgraded Konkave bearing in the Shingen as standard.

Of course they perform a little better, but the main thing is, they sound great!

Depending on how fast/slow you want the bearing to be, you can get them almost silent by adding more thin lube, without them becoming semi responsive.

Enjoy this video of team member Yamato Yamashita’s one throw test of the Shingen. Take a listen :smile:


As Sengoku team members get more time to use the new Shingen it’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Robin recently sent in a video of a horizontal test.


I’m confused… is it 7175 aluminum or some other alchemy project with that name?
Also it looks like it has inner rings, what are those made of?

But it looks awesome! Sengoku does not miss!

It says all the info in the post up top. Its 7175 with stainless steel rims. It has the specs up there too.