Sengoku #masaminutetowinit contest! Win one of the most powerful pocket yoyos!


Hey all, just wanted to post about a contest we at Sengoku are currently holding. We’d like to see your best tricks! If you win, we’ll send you a brand new Masamini FO FREE! Upload a trick circle video (60 seconds or less) on any social media platform and tag your post with #masaminutetowinit and #sengokuyoyos Doesn’t matter if it’s hosted on youtube, instagram, twitter, or tumblr, as long as it’s properly tagged, we will consider your video an entry. The contest will end on October 24th when Team Sengoku will round up the entries and pick our favorite! Thanks for your participation; we’re extremely excited about the entries to far, and can’t wait to see what the rest of you have in store!


I don’t got those skillz so I won’t be participating. Good thing I already have one though ;D

but good luck to everyone who does! Best.Mini.Ever.


Looks like I’ll be buying mine also.


I guess I might as well attempt… :slight_smile:


I’m going to try. I’m going old school, but original.

Edit: Okay, I looked at the entries so far… Not much chance for me!

(major_seventh) #6

Entered! First Instagram Vid :stuck_out_tongue: I’m major_seventh.


Nice! I’m running out of time! I’ve got to find some time to do it ASAP.


(major_seventh) #9

Nice!  Here’s mine:


Thanks for your entries folks! We will announce the winners asap!

(rizkiyoist) #11

Shoot I missed it, maybe give us some time next time, I for some reason didn’t see the announcement until it’s too late, and I even went here everyday.


Too bad, I know you would have had a good one! Post us up a #trickcircle anyway!


Here’s the winner!

Great stuff!!!

edit: I probably should have let them do it…