Selling yoyo factory DV888- $20, yoyo factory 888x- $50, yoyojam enEme- $50

Selling some yoyoes that I no longer use, the bearings are in perfect condition but the enEme may need some lubricant before you get it how you like. Selling for prices posted in the subject, or best offer. The bearings are in perfect condition and the yoyoes are in good condition but there are a few dents nothing incredibly bad and there are a few paint scratches which are completely harmless.
Please message me if interested and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I will send you more pictures if requested.

Pictures of the enEme.
Perfect side, no scratches.

A small dent on its side

Other side of the enEme, a few minor paint scratches.

Pictures of the 888x

A small white dent on its side, plus a small crack one of the hub stacks, which you will need to replace (costs about $8)

Other side of the 888x, this hub stack does not have a crack in it.

Pictures of the DV888

Not a single dent on this yo-yo, just a few paint scratches.

Again, a few more minor paint scratches.

Other side of the yo-yo, with a few paint scratches.

Ummm, you can’t post pics directly from your gmail. You need to post them on a server like picasa or photobucket.

Thanks for the heads up! It should now be fixed. Please tell me if it is still incorrect.