Selling/Trading/Getting Rid Of My Train Wreck


So basically (spelling?)… I have 2 of these, one has dings, the one im gettin rid of is in mint condition, i think i played with it like once… idk, its got a dif yo pad and i took out the sili one. Uhm im lookin for around 65$ or for a nice trade if possible. Im willing to trade for less just pm me. Thanks guys.


Quantity 9   item(s) available
Manufacturer SPYY
Shape Wing
Weight (g) 63.90
Width (mm) 39.46
Diameter (mm) 53.91
Gap Width (mm) 3.25
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x11x5 mm
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Dif-E-Yo Dif-Pad
Silicone Sticker

(system) #3