Selling some sick yo-yos👍

I have some yo-yos that I want to get rid of.I am open to trades and I would definitely like some organic shaped yo-yos.

Duncan Origami yoyo Classic Mint:$17
Smashing yo-yos bounce-small scratch but barely visible:$24
Magic yoyo Variant-mint:$10
Macron looping yoyo-mint:$8 or free with purchase of 2 yo-yos
OG CLYW plastic yeti- a little beaten on edges:$10
St.Embassy Commander yoyo-mint:$15

Uploading: EBB719E5-073F-4115-A184-1AA07D3F379D.jpeg…


BTW I’m really looking for some organic shaped yo-yos so I would really want to trade for some. And all these yo-yos do not come with their original packaging.

Are there any particular organics you are after?

I guess the retic boa and the topyo origin and just any organic in general!!:+1:

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Oops forgot to list this
YYF Avant Garde mini (44CLASH)-mint:soldimage|375x500

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