Selling: PRICE DROPS* Code 1, SPYY Solaris, Superstar, G5+, Rare Crucial Yo-yo!!

Hey guys, needing to slim down my collection, i have too many yo-yos that i dont use but i still love, they need a good home…lemme know what you;re interested in

Jasper Jade Avalanche - $79 - Minty mint, smooooth throw, i believe it was one of the first runs (not the first, but pretty close? i could be wrong…) SOLD!
One Drop Code 1 - $79 $72- One tiny mark (not through the anodize), smooth as well, custom anodized side effects, really really nice throw here
Spyy Solaris - $69 $62 - Minty mint, really smooth throw as well, kinda slim, but not too slim, cool color way
Crucial Turning Point - $69 $62 a really rare yo-yo ( i was told there are only 15 in the U.S.? (could be wrong) but its minty mint, needs tuning, but it was really smooth once, and it wouldnt be hard to get it like that again, custom anodized hubs (by me) really adds contrast to it, retailed for $120 i believe
YYF Superstar (older one) -$55 $49 lots of marks on it, but none that are deep marks, really nice splash on this baby, comes with nubs (or add $5 for hubstacks)
Yoyofactory G5+ - $55 49 a really old and probably pretty rare throw from YYF’s youthful days, custom anodize job, a few small flaws and a few marks under the anodize therefore not easily visible from more than 6 inches

up, need to sell!