Selling Part of My Collection

I’m taking a break from yoyoing and I need money for a new computer for the fall, so I’m putting almost everything in my case up for sale, with the intent to sell some, not all. I don’t need so many expensive yoyos!

Everything here has been played, but none of them have any sort of cosmetic damage. I don’t have any of the original packaging or boxes for any of the yoyos, sorry! If a yoyo has any vibe, it’ll be disclosed below. I would MUCH prefer to sell in bundles or multiples, so preference and discounts will be given to anyone who wants to buy more than 1. Prices below are for the single yoyo, shipped CONUS, including PayPal G&S fees. I’m more than happy to answer any questions, send more pics, give a description of the yoyo, etc; just ask! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Peach** Prototype: $100
OPYOYOS Polybius: $100

Take them both for $175 shipped!

**The Peach is a super stable, slightly oversized organic.
58mm diameter
46mm width
4.6mm gap
7068 aluminum


Do I have to pay for the shipping?

Couldn’t be more clear, mate.

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Okay, So the L is 50 Dollars?

If you’re asking me, yeah, it says $50 total – including shipping (US I’d assume), including PayPal G&S fees.

That said, I’m not the seller, @threebearrries is.


Post updated, got a couple great throws left!