selling or will trade: Blue-yellow Grind Machine 1st addition

Selling a blue-yellow grind machine version:1 (non metal 1) only used about 20 times on carpet. Will sell for about $25 or something around that or am willing to trade. :slight_smile: post any offers

Will u trade ur PGM?

Edition, not addition.

Do you still have all the weight rings?

weight rings??? im new so i dont really know what those are…

Weight rings are used to add weight to the yoyo. They were availble with the first run Grind Machine. And, BTW, that is not the “First Edition.” It’s actually the second, I would correct your title so people actually know what you’re talking about. :wink:

I though the rings came with all PGMS…

Offer - $20

this is from the second run of pgm’s, they dont come with weight rings and again you might want to change the title to indicate that

i want it pm me if still avalible