Selling off the Collection (PRICES DROPPED...Again... And again!)

I’ve decided to let pretty much everything go over the next few weeks, and these are ready to go today. My loss, probably your gain. Not looking for trades or anything except money and since I’m motivated to sell I’ve priced basically everything at what I think is below market value. I will entertain offers of course, but for most things I feel that I’m being more than fair so you may want to scoop something up if it’s what you’re really looking for.

Here we go…

CLYW Puffin. Mint with box. $90 SOLD

OD Dang. Nickel with orange SE’s. Mint with box. $70 SOLD

OD Code 2. Custom “tiger” anno from 's artistry series. Really looks stunning in person. Mint with box. $80 SOLD

Oxygene Ti 9.06 “Tattoo Edition”. Mint with Box, comes with flat and Koncave bearings. $325 sold

CLYW Cliff. Mint with box. $80 SOLD

CLYW Avalanche. Mint with box. $100 SOLD

3YO3 Ti5. Mint with box. $225 sold

NWSC Helix. Mint with Box. $175 SOLD

VSNYYC Moonwalker “Slimer”. Mint, these never came with boxes. $250 SOLD

CLYWxOD Summit. Mint with Box. $90 SOLD

CLYWxH5. Mint with Box. $75 SOLD

Please consider my offer. I want your oxygene ti yoyo and will trade you a lot for it… I am tight on $ right now…

I will trade you

  1. chico yoyo company bull dog 225 ($100, very near mint)
  2. 3yo3 AL5 ($85, all so very near mint both have like one or two very small dings, i wouldn’t call them dings just small contact scratches)
  3. black shutter ($45 one small scratch)
  4. yoyofactory shu-ta ($65 very close to mint, very small scratch)
  5. c3yoyodesign alpha crash ($20)
  6. duncan flip side ($20)
  7. 3 different colored duncan metal drifters (a pink one, a blue one, and a black one $75)

I will trade all of this for your oxygene yoyo if it is all titanium that is a $410 value. Please let me know also need to know if it has any problems what so ever, thanks
7) three different colored duncan metal drifters (a pink one, a blue one and a black one) ($75)

sorry posted #7 twice