Selling my collection

I’ll list what I have to sell. Message me with prices and what you want, I don’t really know how to price them.

Top row: YYF Daydream, YYF GrindMachine, YYJ Classic, CLYW Big Dipper
Middle Row: Duncan Metropolis (2011 NYYC Edition), YYJ Dark Magic II (YYE Edition)
Bottom Row: Pair- YYF Loop 360s (Alex Garcia Edition), Pair- YYF Daydream and Replay Pro (WYYC 2015 Editions)

String- Have a ton of Kitty Fat, also some 50/50, cotton, and mighty flea sting.

Please message me with any questions

Got a message wanting more pictures of the DM. Has a couple very minor dings around the edges and the caps are still in good condition.