Sell Qubit or Trade for Deep State?

Looking to trade this near mint yellow Qubit for a Deep State. Does not need to be mint but very good condition please!

Or you can buy it outright for $31 shipping included (USA ONLY)


Gah that reminds me of the pool party colorway if you decide you would rather sell let me know would look nice next to the banana hammocks


Maybe! If I can’t work out a Deep State trade after a week or so, happy to sell for a fair price, so this Qubit can have a loving home. :kissing_heart:

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Hit me up if you have a Deep State you’d be willing to part with!

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if i had one i would, but sadly… i don’t.

Still looking for Deep State trade. A mark / ding or two is probably fine as long as it’s not super beat up :+1:

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i honestly want to buy a Deep State, just for this man to get his Deep State!

Am i missing something? I think u can buy 2 quibts for the price of one deep state… am i wrong?

What’s the quibit play like?

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Let’s test that theory!

I think near mint for not-mint is fair (solids), personally…


@codinghorror re: this question, what does the qubit play like? or should i say, why are you moving it? i do not like wide yos, so this one turns me off immediately. i haven’t understood the ‘got to have’ mentality… can you explain your… got to get rid of thought process?

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I have two of them, I like it but I don’t need two.

(if you dislike wide this is not for you, that’s fair)


solid man, thanks!!


I must have googled old prices …that’s very reasonable. I only have one deep state but i’l keep an eye out for u.


Let’s sell this for $31 shipping included (USA ONLY). Any takers?

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i just spent $38. :frowning:

Sent ya a PM!

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Qubit is so unique, you’ll like it and not be entirely sure why. Partly because you own nothing like it .