Seeking: GZR CODE2 and solid color 54. Have: YYR, TP, Joker, YYF, CLYW, kendama.

Yep… Looking for a GZR CODE2 and an OG solid color 54. I think there’s only one color of GZR CODE2 and color of the 54 doesn’t matter, half swaps are even ok if the combination is good. Pink, orange or pewter would be great. Not super concerned about condition, but should be reasonable.

I’m willing to trade in your favor for these things. I have good yoyos prepared to offer. So, yeah, let’s see…

Japanese yoyos. Double Joker, Positron, Angle, two Sleipnirs (one, the silver one, is a very early run). Get serious if you’re after any of these.

Good YYFs. Small bearing Genesis, Sekiya Genesis (Japan exclusive), new (as in never removed from the box) OG Rockstar, Winston Rockstar, Team Edition Superstar, Supernova 2012, original run DNA (orange), 2011 run DNA (purple acid)

First run Arctic Circle.

Kendama. A toy store down the street sells these. This one is my personal kendama, but I can literally go grab several others in five minutes. This is the real thing. Approved by the… Japan Kendama Association? I don’t know what people refer to this as in English. Not so expensive, but I’m not sure how available these are outside of Japan. I’ll throw a new Kendama in the box to whoever comes up with either of my wants.

Before we make a deal, please understand I live in Japan. If you don’t also live in japan, this means international shipping… For both of us. Not looking to sell any of this. Please don’t ask. I probably won’t respond to any PMs asking me to sell.

Thanks for looking!

You willing to trade a YYR red Messiah for that pink Sleipnir or Positron. Its new, has not been unscrewed, and is only as old as the summer.
Also im looking for a trade for my OD mark-mont next. It has a little bit of dings to the body but still has very little vibe. It comes with hard IrPads and a 10ball grooved bearing. If you like that then tell me which throw youll trade for.

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