Sebby's on Duncan

And I am very happy. I think it will be a great fit for both Duncan and Sebby. This will especially help Duncan even more in making the comeback to the contest/player scene that they’ve already been making for the past while now. Very pleased with this.

WHAT?!? So Sebby actually did join…I wonder if they will release a signature throw for him…

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I ninja’d you by 6 seconds! lol

Agh! So close…

If they do, I doubt it will be before a good while. If anyone on that team deserves a signature throw right now, it’s Janos with no question. I think Sebby will need to do a little more while he’s on Duncan for a signature throw to be in the process.


Was hoping for a new release of Bassalopes Q.Q

Oh yeah…but then again, they might just release the Janos edition Barracuda as his signature, since he won WYYC with it. We will just have to see…but either way I want to see more Duncan metals!!!

Sorta bummed that Janos only got an engraved barracuda.

I hope to see a cool throw for Janos though.

Hm? Sebby’s been out of Caribou Lodge for years now. Just before entering Duncan he was in SPYY…but SPYY had to dissolve too.

Uh, don’t look now, but the Barracuda ‘is’ a Cool throw, lol.

I mean he he picked that one to use. He practiced for countless hours and dialed in every single trick in his routine. And he pretty much pulled everything he practiced directly in front of a World audience.

And he Won, with a Barracuda.

What could be cooler than that?

… Remember months ago, when that yoyo trick site proposed to make ‘the Civility yoyo’. < they said they wanted to provide the same yoyo that their yoyo trick tut players would be using. That way you could get the same yoyo and know that every trick they do, is possible to pull off with the Civility yoyo that you might get, so you know if you can’t pull off the trick, then it is not for lack of a better yoyo( their theory anyways).

Now, moving ahead, Janos stepped up on stage a Blasted through a series of pretty intricate tricks, like it was a piece a cake. So at least based on the ‘Civility theory’ everybody can/could see that the Duncan Barracuda is not short on performance potential.

As Janos fine tunes his moves even more over time, no doubt he will get another Signature yoyo tweaked to an even more personal degree.

But for now, Janos Won Worlds with a Barracuda. And now he will have his name on one.

Duncan did a very good job on the yoyo design and Janos did a very good job complimenting their efforts with an Outstanding effort of his own.

No doubt…

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The Duncan, C3 and CLYW teams are exploding!

I think my point migh have been misunderstood.

The barracuda is an awesome throw (i don’t own one but I would buy one if the price were right on the bst), I just think its sort if crappy that Janos won and the best that duncan did was repackage the current barracuda I’d like to see a Janos special sig yoyo.

Now to address the issues about people blaming a yoyo for lack of performance in heir hands when the pros can do amazing stuff with a yoyo, 9 times out of 10 these yoyos today play better then the player that holds them and that’s only due to the players ability, sort of silly to blame a yoyo for lack of skill on the part of the player! Just because we have the same yoyo a pro has doesn’t mean we will be playing and pulling off the tricks the pros do just based on the yoyo model.

Sorry I wasn’t clearer in y initial statement.

Yah, I’m one of those who wished he would rejoin CLYW. Thus the possibility of another run of Bassalopes. Q.Q

Touche. That would’ve been dope though. I haven’t tried a Bassalope before but I heard good things about it.

But Sebby as Duncan Crew USA member fits well, also…

I actually think the Janos Barracuda was released at 2013 Worlds Prior to him winning but I doubt we’ll see a signature for a little while.

I also wanted more basselopes…
but of course, best wishes to him on Duncan

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I’m happy for Sebby!

I would also be happy for a run of large bearing Bassalopes, though.