Search bar acting weird


This is kind of a stupid issue, but for some reason, when I try to search ‘Duncan Torque’ or just ‘Torque’ in the forum search bar, its just goes to a blank white screen. Is there something wrong with searching the Duncan Torque or something? ???


Using firefox I get a server timeout error for ‘Duncan Torque’ or ‘Torque’.
‘Duncan’ works ok. Must be the word ‘Torque’ it has a problem with.
What browser are you using?

I am able to get it to work when I search a private forum that does contain the word ‘Torque’.


Search specifically in Looking for Help/Recommendations.
It should work there.

Don’t know why it fails elsewhere.
SQL searches are not an exact science.


I used Safari on a desktop and also searched it on an iPhone. I was searching for it because I’m looking to buy one off the b/s/t.